I am a dedicated software developer enthusiasitic about MVC Frameworks, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and React.js. I also love coming up with clever solutions to tough algorithmic problems. Please check out my projects and employment below! I can also consult with you if you have AWS issues. I have been doing AWS for my companies for 5 years.


A Venmo for Cryptocurrency, currently using XRP as reserve currency and allowing coin conversions in and out of the system using Changelly. Built using Node.js, React Native, and DynamoDB. Gets transaction finality in 2 seconds, unlike Venmo, Paypal, or any Bank which use FTP servers and SWIFT numbers, which take forever. App compiles for both iphone and android. Please check out the Github Link. Planning to release this product under my company CryptoMe, Inc.

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An app built with a Ruby on Rails backend and React/Redux frontend that helps users find homes for temporary stay based on multiple filters. It also lets them book and review locations.

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A spaceship shooter game built with vanilla JavaScript, HTML5, Canvas, and spritesheets edited with GIMP that utilizes object oriented design and vector mathematics to allow dynamic, animated gameplay on HTML Canvas.

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  • Database management

    PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Redis, DynamoDB, ActiveRecord, NoSQL, SQL queries

  • Backend

    Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Express.js

  • Frontend

    React.js, Redux, React Native, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3/SCSS

  • Languages

    JavaScript, Ruby, C/C++

  • Services

    AWS EC2/ECS/Fargate, Docker, S3, Elasticsearch, Textract, VPC, security, Heroku, Git, Github

  • Testing

    TDD, BDD, AVA.js, RSpec


Please feel free to call or email me!

Phone: (423) - 767 - 5038

Email: devanshpatel22@gmail.com


Title: Assistant Director Senior Software Engineer Moody's Analytics.

Description: AWS environment setup, backend Node.js, frontend React.js

Email: devanshpatel22@gmail.com/p>